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Akebono City is a peaceful community overflowing with humanity. Since there was a Power Spot that released magical power in the community, the people were distressed by the threat of the demon army Jamanga who are gathering Minus Energy  from the frightened masses for a sinister purpose. The secret organization SHOT was formed to protect the people of the community from the Jamanga, concealing their existence as ordinary members of the Akebono Police Station, which considers demons beyond their jurisdiction. Kenji Narukami, a student of the Narukami Dragon God Style for fighting demons, arrives to Akebono to fight the demons, eventually getting his wish when he is transformed to Ryukendo and faces off against Jamanga's forces together with his friends in order to restore peace in the community.

[edit]Madan Warriors

The Madan Warriors: Ryuguno, Ryukendo, and Ryujino.
Each Madan Warrior has a set of keys to either execute an attack, or summon a JuuOh ( Beast King), an animal spirit of the Earth. When Kenji and Fudou power up to King Ryukendo and Magna Ryuguno, their JuuOh become ChouJuuOh (Super Beast King), stronger versions of their previous forms.

Madan Swordsman Ryukendo

Kenji Narukami/Madan Swordsman Ryukendo moved to Akebono, and was mistaken for a demon upon arrival. After defending a dog in the street, he found himself confronting a Demon Beast, being chosen by the GekiRyuKen and becoming Ryukendo. Since then, he works at SHOT, saving the day more often than not. He is trained in the Narukami Ryuujinryu technique. By inserting the RyuKen Key into GekiRyuKen, Kenji can synchronize with GekiRyuKen to transform into Ryukendo. His transformation call is "GekiRyu Transform!". Brave Leon is Ryukendo's JuuOh, which can turn into a three-wheel motorcycle. His Final Break finishing move, activated by the Final Key, is Madan Slash . When GekiRyuKen absorbs the combined power of Ryuguno, Ryujino and the Jamanga GrimGoblin, he evolves into King GekiRyuKen. By transforming with this new weapon, Ryukendo gains an advanced form called Madan Swordsman King Ryukendo, who is all around stronger than Ryukendo. His Madan Keys are also upgraded as well as his JuuOh evolved into King Leon . His finishing move is RyuuOu Madan Slash .
  • Fire Ryukendo  is Ryukendo's first powered-up form, activated by the Fire Key. In this form, Ryukendo can call for his personal JuuOh, the gorilla Fire Kong, which can turn into cannons. Fire Ryukendo utilizes a variety of flame-based attacks. His finishing move is Burning Slash . When Ryukendo becomes God Ryukendo, his Fire Key is upgraded to the Burning Key. Using this, he can become Burning Ryukendo , who has Burning Kong  as his JuuOh. His finishing move is Exploding Burning Slash.
  • Aqua Ryukendo  is Ryukendo's second powered-up form, activated by the Aqua Key. Aqua Shark  is Ryukendo's JuuOh in this form, which can turn into a hoverboard, and Ryukendo has powers over water and ice. His finishing move is Freezing Slash . When God Ryukendo uses the Blizzard Key, the upgraded form of his Aqua Key, he becomes Blizzard Ryukendo . In this form, his JuuOh is Blizzard Shark  and his finishing move is Exploding Freezing Slash .
  • When Kenji first used his Thunder Ryukendo  form, he found himself unable to transform. Eventually though, he not only got the Thunder Key working, but also found his JuuOh, Thunder Eagle , which can turn into a set of wings for Ryukendo. Thunder Ryukendo's powers include lightning and electricity, and his finishing move is Lightning Thunder Slash . Lightning Ryukendo  is the form granted from the upgraded Thunder Key: the Lightning Key. Lightning Eagle  is Lightning Ryukendo's JuuOh, and his finishing move is Exploding Lightning Thunder Slash .
  • Ultimate Ryukendo  is a gold and silver power up that made its appearance in episode 45. It was activated through the use of the Ultimate Key found in Rock Crimson's body. Ultimate Ryukendo is powered by the Ultimate Dragon, which attaches to God GekiRyuKen. His suit is white-and-gold, with a gray visor and a blue crystal on his chest. Ultimate Ryukendo can combine the four JuuOh to create the more powerful Raijin Dragon .
In the series aftermath, with GekiRyuKen gone, Kenji resumes being a normal police officer, arresting Dr. Mad He also has feelings for Rin.

Madan Gunman Ryuguno

Juushirou Fudou /Madan Gunman Ryuguno  made his entrance before Ryukendo did, sending an army of Tsukaima to a quick defeat. He really doesn't like it when people call him "Old Man", a nickname that Kenji started despite the fact that Fudou is only twenty-five years old. It was eventually revealed that Fudou and Kenji are a combination destined by fate.
Fudou and GouRyuGun have a strong bond, much closer than that of Kenji and GekiRyuKen at first. When he inserts the RyuGun Key into GouRyuGun, he can synchronize with GouRyuGun to transform into Ryuguno. His transformation call is "GouRyu Transform!" . His Shot Key allows him to use a rapid-fire attack called "Dragon Shot" , and his Final Key activates his finishing move, Dragon Cannon , which releases a hundred of GouRyuGun's regular shots in one powerful blast. His JuuOh is Buster Wolf , which can transform into a motorcycle.
When Fudou loses GouRyuGun in an attack from Bloody's UFO, GouRyuGun is recreated as the Madan Magnum , allowing Fudou to assume the stronger form of Magna Ryuguno , said to be ten thousand times stronger than his original form. Magna Wolf  is Magna Ryuguno's JuuOh, and his finishing move is Magna Dragon Cannon .
In Episode 50, with some of Kenji's power, Fudou turns into Ultimate Ryuguno , a golden-armored version of his Magna Form. His finishing attack in this form is the "Ultimate Dragon Cannon". His JuuOh in this form is Ultimate Wolf . In the series aftermath, with GouRyuGun gone, Fudou resumes being a normal police officer, arresting Dr. Mad.

Madan Fighter Ryujino

Koichi Shiranami /Madan Fighter Ryujino  isn't a member of SHOT, but rather, a mysterious wanderer, armed with the ZanRyuJin. He's not on the side of the Jamanga either, as he demonstrated in his high-octane entrance battle with Lady Gold. Eventually, he comes to work with Kenji and Fudou. Koichi lived in England when he was a kid, and Commander Amachi of SHOT wanted his parents to work on the Madan Suits for Ryukendo and Ryuguno. Koichi lost his parents in the explosion, but kept his mother's pendant. He stole the Madan Ryu Core to give himself the power of a Madan warrior to avenge his parents, swearing a vendetta on SHOT until he learned that it was Baron Bloody who caused his parents' deaths. When he inserts the RyuJin Key into ZanRyuJin, the weapon synchronizes with the Madan Ryu Core to transform him into Ryujino. His transformation call is "ZanRyu Transform!". When Beyond Dark revived spirits of the dead, Koichi gave his mother a heath flower he brought from Kaori, and realized that he needs to fight for himself, not for revenge.
Ryujino can turn ZanRyuJin from a halberd into a bow with the use of the Archery Key. His finishing move, activated by the Final Key, is RanGeki  in Axe Mode and RanBu in Archery Mode. His JuuOh is the raven Delta Shadow , which can combine with Ryujino to give him the power of flight. Later, Delta Shadow gains the ability to turn into a motorcycle.
In Episode 50, with some of Kenji's power, Koichi transforms into Ultimate Ryujino , a golden-armored version of himself. His JuuOh in this form is Ultimate Shadow . In the series aftermath, with ZanRyuJin gone, Koichi takes up work as a delivery boy for Kaori, arriving on the scene as his teammates arrested Dr. Mad.

Madan Swordsman Master Ryukendo

Madan Swordsman Master Ryukendo is an ancient Madan warrior, whom with his two allies who fought against DaiMaOu in the first war. Unable to defeat DaiMaOu, as only Master Ryukendo went Ultimate, he and his allies combined with the dragons of light and Master Ryukendo became the Madan Ryu Core of GekiRyuKen, his allies becoming GouRyuGun, and ZanRyuJin, so the three could help the next generation. DaiMaOu was reduced to an egg and somehow obtained the Ultimate Key, splitting it into three and storing them in Rock Crimson, Lady Gold, and Baron Bloody's bodies, making them immortal. It was by accident that Master Ryukendo emerged from GekiRyuKen, with no memory until the Jamanga attacked. In human form, he wears ancient Japanese clothing, and his Madan Suit is similar to Ryukendo's, except with a cape and bronze accents. He wields a weapon similar to GekiRyuKen, except it uses no keys and dragon head. Master Ryukendo showed Kenji the Ultimate Madan Slash before returning into GekiRyuken with no memory of the incident. By episode 50, however, GekiRyuKen recovered his memories as Master Ryukendo.



  • The GekiRyuKen  is Kenji's partner, henshin device, and primary weapon. Also used to activate the Keys that Kenji finds. Finishers include "Madan Slash" (Ryukendo), "Blazing Slash" (Fire Ryukendo), "Freezing Slash" (Aqua Ryukendo) ,"Thunder Lightning Slash" (Thunder Ryukendo)."Ultimate Madan Slash" (Ultimate Ryukendo).GekiRyuken was later powered-up into God GekiRyuken , a sword-and-shield combo, similar to Kamen Rider Knight Survive's Dark Visor Zwei from Kamen Rider Ryuki. Finishers include "RyuuOu Madan Slash", "Exploding Burning Slash" (Burning Ryukendo), "Exploding Freezing Slash" (Blizzard Ryukendo) and "Exploding Lightning Slash" (Lightning Ryukendo). God GekiRyuKen was sacrificed to seal the Power Spot at the end of the series.
  • The Ultimate Dragon  is a golden dragon that attaches to the God GekiRyuKen to make it the Ultimate GekiRyuKen. Called forth by the Ultimate Key, transforming Kenji into Ultimate Ryukendo. The dragon's body attaches to the shield and the tail to the sword. God GekiRyuKen Ultimate Mode uses the finisher "Ultimate Madan Slash".
  • The Twin Edge GekiRyuKen  is a double-edged sword made from the Madan Dagger and GekiRyuKen. Each of its finishers is a "Super" version of the GekiRyuKen's.
  • The Madan Dagger  was used when Kenji couldn't figure out how to reveal his latest Key. Fudou went down into the power spot and brought the Dagger Key to life. He gave it to Kenji, who was fighting Rock Crimson on the surface. The Madan Dagger is a small dagger, similar to the GekiRyuKen, that attacks with "Dagger Spiral Chain", or can combine with it to make the Twin Edge GekiRyuKen.


  • The GouRyuGun  is Fudou's SPECIAL partner, henshin device, and primary weapon. It's used primarily as a gun, but a small blade can be extended from the bottom for close-range combat. Finishers include "Dragon Shot" and "Dragon Cannon", although the latter wasn't gained until Fudou achieved it in Episode 6. GouRyuGun was destroyed by Bloody's UFO in Episode 23, and returned in Episode 27 when Fudou became Magna Ryuguno. GouRyuGun was sacrificed to seal the Power Spot at the end of the series.
  • The Magna GouRyuGun  is Magna Ryuguno's combined weapon. It's so powerful that Magna Ryuguno must hold it in both hands. Its finisher is the extremely strong "Magna Dragon Cannon."
  • The Madan Magnum  is a small gun with knife
 similar to the Madan Dagger, used by Magna Ryuguno. It can attach to the GouRyuGun to make the Magna GouRyuGun.


  • The ZanRyuJin  is Koichi's partner, henshin device and weapon. Extremely talkative. Unlike the GekiRyuKen and GouRyuGun, the ZanRyuJin is worn as a brace, rather than around the belt. It serves as a battle axe for the most part, but a second mode, Archery Mode, fires fast-moving arrows at enemy targets. ZanRyuJin's attacks are "RanGeki" in Axe Mode and "RanBu" in Archery Mode. ZanRyuJin was sacrificed to seal the Power Spot at the end of the series.


  • The Madan Knuckle  is summoned by the Knuckle Key, it can be used by any of the three warriors as their wrist pad transforms into a powerful, long-distance blaster. Its primary attack is "Knuckle Spark".
  • The Madan Key Holder  is worn around the waist of the Madan Warriors, it can call forth the appropriate key for any situation. Ryukendo's is blue, Ryuguno's red, and Ryujino can run more than faster than all with the help of the delta shadow.


SHOT, the Shoot Hell Obduracy Troopers, are the anti-demon force in Akebono. Since nobody believed that demons even exist, SHOT keeps itself in secret, placing their base beneath the Akebono police station through a special elevator that only its members know of. There are only four members in the Akebono branch, not counting the Madan Warriors.  
Yuuya Amachi : Commander of SHOT, he poses as the "janitor" at the police station. Koichi Shiranami, Ryujinou, believed that Amachi had killed his parents, when in reality Amachi had protected a young Koichi from the explosion caused at the Madan Suits European Testing Facility.
  • Rin Sakyou : SHOT's operator and secretary at the Akebono Police Station. Had a brother, now deceased, who sought to protect the fireflies at his lake so that Rin could be happy. Appears to be close to Kenji, even though he couldn't get her name right when they first met.
  • Kiichi Setoyama : SHOT's Magical Engineer, who sends the Keys and reads the writings that bring about developments against Jamanga in the Canon of Light. He doesn't really know anything, but does serve as a gateway between the Canon of Light and SHOT's purposes.
  • Professor Mikuriya : A professor of magic that Kiichi respects.

Allies and civilians

  • Kaori Nose : A florist that Kenji met on his first day in Akebono. Later on,he was tricked by Lady Gold into believing that Ryukendo had cut Ichiko and Ritsuko. There appears to be a romantic relationship going on between the two, since Kenji got jealous when Koichi neared her to get flowers for drawing out a Jamanga demon. Kaori was chosen as the leader of the Akebono vigilante group when she "won" the martial arts tournament (due to all of her opponents forfeiting when they refused to attack her).
  • Komachi Kurihara : A lady ghost in white that only those with a passion for justice, like Kenji and GekiRyuKen, can see. This doesn't do much for their reputation. She's actually a spirit of the first Head of the Akebono Police, a female detective. She assisted Kenji in his first fight against Jack Moon. When spirits were being resurrected, she lived again, and delayed giving Kenji the Akebono flower needed to defeat the demon. She left with the other spirits, but returned as she still wants to hang around. Komachi managed to gather enough energy to help Ryukendo out once in a while, as well as encourage the chief of police, to resume his old way of thinking in terms of justice.
  • Ichiko Nakazaki : A pair of lively, somewhat incompetent lady cops in Akebono that try to keep the town's peace. More often than not become victims of Jamanga's latest plan, though they are the only cops who actually attempt to fight the demons on a regular basis with a ridiculous supply of firearms ranging from standard police rifles and pistols to a bazooka and SWAT cannon. While Ritsuko was on vacation, Ichiko developed feelings for Rock Crimson before he recovered his memory.
  • Umi Saionji : Kenji's fiancee, also trained in the Narukami Ryuujinryu technique. She occasion visits Akebono, leaving Rin to watch over him. Was the one to inform Akebono of the Martial Arts tournament. Introduced in episode 10.
  • Maria(28): is one of Bloody's Jamadroids that was taken in by SHOT and removed of her battle systems. She obeyed Fudou's orders only, but never seemed to smile. When the Jamadroid control tower's barrier had trapped Fudou, Maria rushed in and took his place in the barrier, allowing Fudou to finish off the tower and delete all the androids. In her final moments, she smiled at last.
  • Sahil Thomas: first sighted in the set at the 5th episode playing the role of Sakiyo Rin's cousins.


The Demon Army Jamanga  serves as the principle enemy of the SHOT organization and the Madan Senshi. Their main purpose is to gather minus energy that is created when humans are in despair to resurrect their leader, DaiMaOh GrenGhost.
  • DaiMaOu (Great Demon King) GrenGhost : Jamanga's "King of Demons" who fought Master Ryukendo long ago and lost enough energy to regress into a green orb-like egg hovering in the eternally black sky of the area where the Jamanga armies reside. Only when enough Minus Energy, brought about by negative human emotions, is collected, can he be revived. Though he was successfully revived, emerging from his egg to evade Ultimate Ryukendo, GrenGhost was in a larval state and attempt to fully mature at the metal factory, but was easily killed by Ultimate Ryukendo. However, GrenGhost's soul survived and absorbed Worm to create a new human-like body until he possess enough excess power from Ultimate Ryukendo taping into the Power Spot to rip out of his host and assume his true moth-like form before being destroyed by the Madan Warriors' final attack.
  • Poisonous Insect Professor Dr. Worm : Jamanga's monster-maker, who creates Demon Beasts from the Madan Keys. He performs the menial work, such as resurrecting Rock Crimson and telling Lady Gold not to sit on his demon creation pedestal. After his friend RockCrimson was killed, Worm revealed that he knew of the Ultimate Keys and hid the fact to protect his position. With the truth exposed, he was almost killed by Lady Gold and Baron Bloody, were not for the piece of Rock Crimson on his person. While performing Rock Crimson's funeral, he invited Ryukendo and gang out of his friend's final wish, seeing the true nature of humans. But to save face as a demon and not suffer the wrath of the Jamanga, he revoked his friendship with RockCrimson and defeated the Madan Warriors singlehandedly, now even more bent on solely reviving GrenGhost and nothing else. Now driven insane by his new found conviction, Worm met his end when he had GrenGhost enter his body, only to be ripped to pieces once GrenGhost was powerful enough to assume his true form.
  • Lunar Eclipse Mask Jack Moon : A swordsman for Jamanga. Though he swore loyalty to GrenGhost, Jack Moon serves him because he's stronger than himself. Jack Moon's ideal were that the strong rule, refusing to destroy a foe he considers to be weaker, citing such actions as a waste of his time and energy. However, Jack Moon's demonic side has pleasure in attacking the weak. Though Ryukendo originally saw him as his rival, he came to see that Jack Moon has no actual warrior's code when he succumbed to his demonic nature and decided to attack Akebono from his Air Fortress while Ryukendo was unable to fight. After his fortress was destroyed by Thunder Ryukendo in Episode 12, Jack Moon was not seen until in Episode 21, when Baron Bloody saved him from being sacrificed to GrenGhost for betraying Jamanga. However, Jack Moon's body is dying from the conflict between his hearts and decides to his restore his honor by fighting Ryukendo on-on-one during the solar eclipse, restoring his fullpower. Though he fell the Twin Edge GekiRyuKen's Super Thunder Slash, Jack Moon was resurrected as Mechanimoon, a cyborg version of himself with golden adornments to his armor and without any memories of himself and freewill, a slave under Bloody. But after GrenGhost's death, he was Jack Moon once more, and, in a final duel with Kenji under the black moonlit night of Christmas, he was defeated by the Narukami Ryuujinryu technique.
  • Golden Queen Lady Gold: A female warrior whose plans usually involve magic that effect the hearts of her victims as seen when she once made the entire town distrust SHOT, and invaded people's dreams with a special orb. She aso has a habit of sitting on Dr. Worm's pedestal. Lady Gold usually lets her trio of personal Familiars fight in her stead. She later gains a Catwoman-like battle suit from Dr Worm when she attempt to steal back the MaDan Keys. When revealed to have Fudou's Ultimate Key in her body, Ryukendo removes it from her before Ryuguno finally destroyed LadyGold by blasting the source of her life, her earring, to bits.
  • Stone Giant Rock Crimson : A warrior who transforms into a massive ball of stone, an old friend of Dr. Worm. Has amazing raw power, but gets set off if anybody calls him "idiot". He was broken into pieces by Ryukendo's Twin Edge GekiRyuKen, only to be revived later by Dr. Worm with Lady Gold's help, giving him a stone that allows Rock Crimson to regenerate even after he's blow to bits. It took a team effort and Fire Ryukendo with the Twin Edge GekiRyuKen to destroy RockCrimson. But using the Power Spot's magic, Rock Crimson was revived, though defeated by the three Maden Warriors before Dr. Worm took RockCrimson's remains to rebuilt him. Rock Crimson was revealed to have Kenji's Ultimate Key in his body, unwillingly creating Ultimate Ryukendo, who defeated him once and for all.
  • Bloodspray Baron Bloody : A robotic Demon who saved JackMoon, only to use him as part of his plan. Once Jack Moon died, Bloody took JackMoon's sword and used it to eventually revive JackMoon into MechaniMoon, under his control. He made his attack on Akebono with his AsteRoids before revealing himself, intent on destroying the Maden Ryu Cores. Baron Bloody was the one responsible for killing Koichi Shiranami's parents 10 years ago in an attempt to destroy the Madan RyuCores that became Gekiryuu and GouryuuGun, destroying all of Europe if he succeeded. As a result, Bloody became Koichi's mortal enemy. Bloody soon began his part with collecting Minus energy with his Jamadroids and then the construction of Grenstar. He attempted to kill Ryuujinou, but ended up being killed by him, with only his drill staff remaining. But once revived and revealed to have Koichi's Ultimate Key in his body, Bloody was finally destroyed when Ryukendo removes the key before Ryujino lands the deathblow.
  • Familiars : Jamanga's never-ending supply of cannon fodder. These purple-bodied, yellow-striped, one-eyed, bat-eared soldiers appear when there's trouble to be caused. However, with the exception of special Familiars, the regular kinds are neither bright nor difficult to defeat.
    • Ganymede, Phobos and Europa, familiars to Lady Gold
    • Mecha Familiar, familiars to Baron Bloody
    • Fire Familiar(4)
- When fighting a Swordsman Familiar at Akebono Temple, it proved to be a match for Ryukendo's normal form. Ryukendo defeats it with his Fire Mode, but the Jamanga somehow took in the fire attack's source and powered up another Swordsman Familiar with Ryukendo's fire power. In this form, the Fire Familiar gains a flaming sword as well as a large shield that could move telepathically. The Fire Familiar overpowered Ryugunou and Ryukendo in his Fire Mode. Fire Ryukendo, while getting in a swordfight with the Familiar, caused large fireballs to launch and burn Akebono City. In the end, Ryugunou captures the Familiar's shield, and Ryukendo transforms into Aqua Ryukendo, destroying the Fire Familiar. Akebono City also snows from the Freezing Slash made from Aqua Ryukendo.
    • Swordsman Familiar(4)

Demon Beasts

The Demon Beasts  are usually created by Dr. Worm using a Madan Key as the core of the monster's form. However, Lady Gold and Baron Bloody can also create their own monsters.
  • Demon Beast Reptolilix : A metal-eating insect Demon Beast impervious to most blades and guns, but was killed by Ryukendo, who acquired the Fire Key from it. A 2nd red version was created by Lady Gold and shrunk so it can infect people with a virus that turns their skin into iron and cause them to lash out violently before it was destroyed by Ryujino in Shadow Wing Mode.
  • Plant Demon Beast Giga Flower : A flower Demon Beast that was planted by Dr. Worm in Akebono, and eventually grew to giant size under the watchful eye of a young boy, Shigeru. All it took to bring it down was Fire Ryukendo's Blazing Slash. After the battle, Kenji acquired the Aqua Key from it.
  • Demon Beast Balloon Gamma : A balloon Demon Beast, Balloon Gamma can shoot a beam that causes people to swell up like balloons, and would've made them explode within an hour of their ballooning. With a careful eye and steady hand, Ryuguno was able to defeat it with his new weapon at the time, Dragon Cannon.
  • Demon Beast Meganōma : A monster who attacked with large weights, causing general havoc around Akebono before being defeated by Fire Ryukendo and Fire Kong's Fire Cannon. MegaNouma was later revived with Rock Crimson's Regeneration Key and defeated by Ryujinou and Aqua Ryukendo.
  • Demon Beast Edenoid : A gillman Demon Beast, sent to pollute Akebono's water. He couldn't be detected whenever he's underwater, but it was revealed that his body temperature was much higher than normal, allowing him to slip by. Defeated by Aqua Ryukendo's Freezing Slash from atop the Aqua Board. Later revived with Rock Crimson's Regeneration Key and defeated by Ryujinou and Aqua Ryukendo.
  • Demon Beast Voldark: A Demon Beast modeled after Kanon, it uses its singing to bring people to pain though only the Akebono Shrinebell can negate the sound wave. Destroyed by Fire Ryukendo's Blazing Slash.
  • Demon Beast Anomalocaris : A swarm of Demon Beasts that Dr. Worm created after the pre-historic monster of the same name, developing a name for themselves by bitting off the tops of things and attack people's heads. The entire swarm was frozen by Aqua Ryukendo's Freezing Slash.
  • Elemoon : A Jack Moon clone powered by the Thunder Key, created on Jack Moon's request to Dr. Worm by giving him using a piece of his flesh. Being a copy of Jack Moon, Elemoon had half of his "father's" power augmented with the Thunder Key, and used his blade as a rifle. Though he gathered mass amounts of minus energy, SHOT managed to trap Elemoon in tank Dr. Worm had been driving in Episode 3, only for him to fully use the Thunder Key to get out. However the power the key had proved too much for Elemoon as it killed him to Jack Moon's annoyance for his lowly clone to be put in such a predicament in the first place.
  • Demon Beast Beyonder : A ghost-like Demon Beast that brought the spirits of the dead back to life, able to become intangible yet has a weakness for sunlight. Once rendered tangible, Ryukendo uses the Twin Edge GekiRyuKen to kill it. Dr. Worm later revived Beyonder as Beyondark (ビヨンダーク Biyondāku?), only to be defeated by Ryujino and Aqua Ryukendo.
  • Demon Beast Guckus : A Lizard-like Demon Beast that steals items of sentimental value to increase his power, the Goryu Key being one of them. Once forcing the monster to sneeze everything out of his stomach, Ryuguno finishes the Demon Beast off with his Trinity Dragon Cannon.
  • Asteroid: A series of androids created by Bloody, the first encountered posed as an alien named Angela with claims to protect people. Once revealed in its true form, Asteroid was destroyed by the Trinity Madan Slash. In following episode, more Asteroids were brought on Akebono in Angela's image, searching for the Madan Ryu Cores. Only one of them assumed its true form to fight Fudou and be destroyed by Ryukendo's Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Bacchal : A giant clam Demon Beast who can create an alternate realm of Akebono city and trap children there using a computer game icon as the entrance gate. He used human-size illusions of himself until they were defeated and he revealed himself. Defeated by Magna Ryuguno's Magna Dragon Cannon, causing his dimension to fade in the process.
  • Demon Beast Grem Goblin : A Demon Beast created from a part of Daimaou's body, to attack the Madan Warriors directly. He was able to defeat Magna Ryuguno and take GekiRyuKen as his own. However, the sword's power when out of control as Grem Goblin used it to absorb Magna Ryuguno and Ryujino's attacks until Kenji reclaim it. Grem Goblin was the first to be defeated by God Ryukendo's RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Mazerome : A giant Demon Beast that targets indecisive people, teleporting them to her tunnel-like stomach, chasing them with a smaller version of herself. Her human-size aspect was surprisingly defeated by Ichiko & Ritsuko, while the actual Mazerome was killed by GodRyukendo and GodLeon's Trinity RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Jamind : A goofy-looking buddhist elephant Demon Beast who can play with human hearts. The beams of the four eyes on its trunk have a different effect: Yellow bring out happiness, blue bring fear, red brings anger and green brings sadness. Defeated by God Ryukendo's RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Demon Beast Facethief : A demon that uses mirrors to travel instantly to parts of Akebono and place cursed masks on people's heads. Defeated by Ryujino's Trinity RanBu attack.
  • Demon Beast Umbrella: Created from Kobashiri's umbrella, filled with its owner's jealousy. Sent to Akebono Tower to blanket the shopping district and infect people with jealousy. Defeated by Burning Cannon/Trinity Exploding Slash combo.
  • Demon Beast Macode : A Demon Beast that has a super soft body with rockhard armor, able to withstand mostly any attack on it. Though defeated in the first round by Komachi's interference, Macode was frozen/destroyed by Blizzard Ryukendo's Exploding Freezing Slash.
  • Magical Satellite Grenstar: A team effort by Dr. Worm and Baron Bloody to create a satellite to not only destroy the Madan Warriors, but to ensure no one else would dare challenge them in any way. Destroyed by Lightning Ryukendo's Exploding Lightning Slash.
  • Demon Beast Nemanon : A shape-shifting Demon Beast created by Dr Worm using two Madan Keys that copied the attacks of Ryukendo and Ryuguno, to create a monster with their combined powers. However, it didn't come out as intended so Worm gave the "horrid thing" to Lady Gold, who used the "cute" Nemanon's transforming power to cause chaos and confusion among the townsfolk. When GodRyukendo and MagnaRyuguno fought him, Nemanon assumed their forms, but only use the attacks the Madan Keys recorded. After being defeated by Ryuguno, Nemanon removed his cloak and assumed his true fighting form, only to be destroyed by God Ryukendo's Trinity RyuuOu Madan Slash.
  • Magic Pot : A Demon Beast created by Lady Gold and destroyed by Blizzard Ryukendo's Exploding Freezing Slash.
  • Mobile Fortress Majuuki : A machine created by Baron Bloody of using the pure steel that Akebono Tower is made of, the Madan Warriors were unable to use their final attacks as long as Rin was still inside the monster's body. Rin was rescued before Lightning Ryukendo destroyed Majuuki using his Exploding Lightning Slash, restoring it to its original form.
  • Gunneroid: A snipping machine created by Baron Bloody to kill the Madan Warriors and Dr. Worm. Gunneroid failed to kill them as it was destroyed by Trinity Magna Dragon Cannon.